Fun Math For Kids – Good Foundations

Fun Math For Kids – Good Foundations

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The short story

Fun Math 4 Kids is an activity & storybook that supports kids to practise their maths and have some fun along the way. Do some maths, do some drawing, read a story, solve a code...

Look inside

Have a look inside Fun Math 4 Kids vol. 1 But there's so much more...

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The long story...

Why should you get this book?

Do you want the kids in your life to enjoy math, both now and over their lifetime? This book was made to help kids aged 7-10+ say "I like Math." We think that learning to like maths early is a huge step in the right direction.

Mazmatics values fun, inclusion, growth mindset, interleaved learning and challenge. We haven't included an answers page. We think kids need to struggle a little to help them learn deeply. (We do sometimes hint strongly at the answers though).


We think kids learning activities need more space so kids can relax in between the challenging bits.

Getting involved

This book has black and white pages. It's not precious. Kids can have fun with it. Draw on this book. Colour in some pictures. Make it yours. Rip a page out and stick it on your wall.

Good foundations

Mazmatics is an activity book and learning resource that helps to make math fun and useful for kids and early learners of all ages. It’s pitched at US grade 2-6 for kids around 7-12+ depending on the kids experience, but we think kids and the young at heart of all ages will enjoy working on their fundamentals with this book. Who doesn't love a good poop emoji?!

Vol 1 covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with some fractions included.

We all need good fundamentals before we can enjoy the next level of ideas and equations. This book is to be used alongside other math learning, not to replace it. Kids should listen to their teachers. This book gives them more chance to practise what they’re already learning.

How do you get good at playing the guitar or dancing or sports? You have to practise your skills in order to improve. So if you want to get better at math and make it something you can enjoy, how are you going to get better? You got it.

We need to practise our math if we want it to be something we can do and enjoy over our lifetime.

So what’s going to make practising math seem like a good idea for kids?

We think that by making things more fun and relatable, kids might actually want to practise more and more, especially if we can show how math really is useful in daily life, outside of the classroom. We’re also thinking that an option to get out the old pencils and paper means this book can be used in many situations and brings things back to basics, no batteries required.

Mazmatics, for home play, not homework.

About the author

Hi, I’m Maz Hermon, a father of two kids (currently 9 & 6). I’m a web developer (computer coder) by day and a creative hobbyist by night. I’m not particularly amazing at math, but I do find it enjoyable and fascinating and I love to play around with learning of all sorts. I quite happily say "I like math", I'm a big fan. I’m not a teacher, but I have a good imagination and like to have fun with my learning. I’ve written this book with my kids to offer some supplementary learning resources for kids, that can sit alongside and support what kids are learning in school. My vision is to help kids say "I like math".

My interest in learning math again as an adult was related to using some basic trigonometry to calculate trajectories of moving objects while programming some game animations with JavaScript. I was delighted to have a real use case for it and to see how fun and practical math can be in creative projects. I know some kids can get turned off from math at an early age and start to disassociate themselves from thinking ‘yeah this is for me too', so I thought this book might help kids to connect with math and maybe even enjoy it. I love learning online, but I also like the idea of my kids having access to paper books so math can be something we do away from the computer. Both are good.

I live in Aotearoa New Zealand with my little family of four and hope this book helps some kids of the world to say "I like math", wherever you are.

Have fun :)

Maz Hermon,
creator of Mazmatics

Customer testimonials

A Big thanks to everyone who provides feedback. Good or bad, we love your feedback. Contact links on

When I picked this up I was immediately drawn to the colloquial language and easy to follow format. It’s written the way people speak so it’s super easy to relate to. It uses real world examples that are relevant and entertaining. This makes math fun! Breath of fresh air. Thank you
– RT

This book is excellent, starting out with kids jokes to gently and hilariously introduce simple math. The illustrated story in the book contextualises math in a way that kids can relate to. The math gets more complex relatively quickly but keeps up the same non pressured conversational style, using drawings to clearly break down the principles. Great book, would highly recommend.
– CR

Awesome little practice book. It's full of stories and drawings. There's room to scribble or draw and even some dice you can fold and cut out with your kids for math games. Explains the exercises well and gives some good tips on how to think about and solve the math problems. It's written in a really fun kid-friendly way- even has some encouragement along the way! Really recommend.
– Paulina

Mazmatics definitely does what it says it will do! I got my nieces and nephews all a Mazmatics book for Christmas and they all loved it! Perfect for ages 6+, and adults will enjoy it too
The hot favourite for the kids was the dog poop exercise.
This is a brilliant resource for kids, it makes math fun for them, which is the best way for little brains to learn!
– DJ

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